Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), in conjunction with its Quality Improvement Organization, eQHealth Solutions, Inc. (eQHealth), announces a new web-based medical record submission process for retrospective pre-payment and post-payment reviews. This new process will be effective with eQHealth’s Notice of Selection of Medical Records for Offsite Review beginning with Date of Notice April 11, 2017.

The transition to a web-based submission process will benefit providers by eliminating the expense of photocopying and mailing hard-copy medical records, as well as reducing the risk of HIPAA non-compliance. 

eQHealth has added a new menu option to eQSuite® that will display a list of all admissions where medical records for retrospective pre-payment and post-payment review have been requested.

Use the following resources to learn more about this new requirement:

Provider Update - Retro Chart Update & FAQs

Retro Chart Requests Presentation Overview

Retro Chart Requests AUDIO Presentation- (IMPORTANT! Names/IDs in this video are fictitious)

User Guide - Retro Chart Requests via eQSuite®