A Continued Enrollment Packet may be submitted by parents or legal guardians who currently have a youth in the Family Support Program (FSP), to continue their eligibility in the program. As in the initial application process, the family will work with the SASS FSP Coordinator to complete and submit the form to eQHealth.

Note: Letters will be sent to notify parents or legal guardians and SASS Providers 45 days prior to the end of the youth's current 180-day eligibility.

The continued enrollment request period begins 30 days prior to the youth's current 180th day of eligibility. FSP Coordinators will submit the completed packet to eQHealth by fax or mail   before the last day of the youth's FSP eligibility.

Continued Enrollment Packet  - Word file

(required documents are listed in the “checklist” on page 3 of this packet)

eQHealth will render a determination within 3 business days upon receipt of all required documentation. If the youth’s Continued Enrollment Authorization is approved, the youth will receive another 180 days of FSP eligibility.

Reconsideration of Continued Enrollment Determination

If the determination is the youth no longer meets FSP eligibility criteria, a reconsideration request may be submitted to eQHealth within 5 days from the date of denial notice. A second eQHealth psychiatric Physician Reviewer will conduct the reconsideration and make a final determination:

Ø  Reconsideration Denial - If the youth is found not eligible for continued enrollment, they will be discharged from the FSP program within a 14-day transition period. The parent or legal guardian has the right to appeal this determination through HFS.

Ø  Reconsideration Approval - If the reconsideration process yields a decision to continue the youth’s eligibility in the FSP program, the youth will receive an additional 180 days of service.