eQHealth Resources for FSP

WELCOME! eQHealth Solutions' will provide administrative review of the FSP Application and conduct clinical review of the supporting documentation to determine whether the youth meets the eligibility requirements as well as determine medical necessity for residential services. 

Please use the following email addresses to communicate with eQHealth, depending on the type of review request:

  • Submit Initial FSP Applications online through eQSuite® FSP Web Portal               

  • Submit all other requests be secure email (by request type):

eQFSPrenewal@eqhs.org       Renewal Applications – Continued Enrollment

eQFSPrtfpa@eqhs.org             Residential Prior Authorization Requests

eQFSPrtfcs@eqhs.org              Residential Continued Stay Requests

 All  FSP resources are listed in the Topics box on the left side of this page. Click on any topic to take you to that page for more information.