PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS: You may submit an application for the Family Support Program (FSP) by fax/mail or use the online application system. Please read the instructions below before using the online method.

To use the online system, all required documents must be saved on your computer as PDF files so you can upload them as part of the electronic application process. 


Click the eQSuite button at the top of this page

1. After you click eQSuite button, fill out all information on right side to set up your account

2. Write down your log in name, password and answers to security questions. Keep this information safe.

3. Once you have your user log in, you will always sign in on the left side of log in page

Once you are logged in, select “New Application” to begin. The system will automatically assign this application a number. As you hit "Next" on each tab, you will attest that you are the parent/legal guardian of the youth, answer questions/fill out information and upload required documents. You will be able to submit the application after you have signed off on the last tab. The system will let you know if there is incomplete information and you will go back in to that tab to provide the required information. Once you finish this, you'll go to last tab again to Submit.

If for any reason you close out of the application you started, you can resume completing the application by clicking Home and “Existing Application.” Follow the same procedure as above to submit the application.


Click Here for a copy of the FSP Application form and follow the checklist on page three (3) to submit your application to eQHealth Solutions.